Tips for Men

Shaving Myths, Shot Down

Some myths are cool. Like Centaurs, for instance. Other myths are just misleading, and that’s not cool. Let’s bust some non-Centaur myths.

Shaving makes hair grow in faster.

False! The roots of your hair live below the skin, and aren’t affected by shaving. It’s the hair root that controls hair growth. So, shaving doesn’t change hair’s growth rate.

Shaving makes hair grow back coarser.

Wrong again! Shaving doesn’t change the coarseness of the hair. It does remove the thin, soft tip of each hair and leaves behind the thicker follicle. That’s why your facial hair feels rougher or “sharper” after shaving.

You know it’s time to change razors when your skin gets irritated.

Erroneous! You should switch before your blade gets dull enough to irritate your skin. You can tell it’s time to change when you need to make more of an effort than usual to get a close shave.