Tips for Women

Get the Perfect Vacay Shave

We know shaving isn’t the most exciting part of vacation. But you want a flawless shave to go with that perfect new bathing suit, right?


Do your homework before your holiday: Exfoliate to get rid of ingrown hairs, shave with a brand-new blade, and moisturize thoroughly. Now your skin is as vacation-ready as you are.

beach accessories

Pack right.

Don’t get stuck with a second-rate razor. Bring the BIC® Razor you love with you from home. Put a plastic protective cover on it, then tuck it in your toiletry bag. And don’t forget travel-size shaving gel and moisturizer.


wave crashing

A couple tips before your dip.

Both ocean water and pool water can irritate your skin if you swim right after shaving, so leave some time in between. And use a soothing moisturizing cream or a dry oil that will safeguard your skin.

Beach at sunset

What about sun?

Abundant sunshine is a key part of any vacation. And it goes just fine with shaving.

  • Shaving won’t “remove” your tan. The tanning effect happens deeper inside your skin.
  • Don’t get burnt! Sunburns hurt, they’re bad for skin, and they make shaving a pain. Be sure to apply sunscreen regularly.
  • If you do accidentally get a burn on your legs, take a couple days off from shaving and help them recover with plenty of hydrating lotion.

And, oh right, have an amazing time!